Why No Nutritional Information?

Reasons why we do not have Nutritional information on any of our Skillet Cookies,

Mainly, my own personal story. Whenever I'm confronted with a tough decision related to food, I always take it back to the days of my struggle with food, knee-deep in my eating disorder.

Reasons Why we don't believe in Calories

  1. It diverts your attention away from eating what pleases/ makes you Happy. Eating is supposed to bring us joy and comfort, along with nutrients/ energy. We have taste buds for a reason! However, when the focus is taken away from enjoying food and rather worried on the amount of calories you are consuming, it can become an overwhelming and daunting feeling.
  2. It prevents intuitive eating. For those new to eating intuitively, it is described as a “self-care eating framework”, by its creators, to help repair your relationship with food and feel more in tune with your body. Counting calories can by all means have the opposite effect, as it would allow external factors to influence decisions around food more than our own internal cues.
  3. It gives a false impression, that certain foods are “unhealthy” just based on the number of calories. Calories can be quite misleading, if misunderstood. There are many high calorie foods that are still very dense in nutrients, as you might know already. Society has led us to believe that higher calories equates to Unhealthy food. But, what do calories even mean: it refers to the amount of energy that a particular food gives your body. We all need energy to function. So, why is it that calories are vilified? While your health/wellbeing is influenced majorly by food & exercise, it is also very much connected to your mental and emotional wellbeing/health, surrounding food. So let’s focus less on the calories, and more on the whole experience of eating.
  4. It can be triggering for those with disordered eating habits or eating disorders. For those of us who have/had a rocky relationship with food, either in the past or present, it can be triggering to be presented with caloric information & it can affect our ability to repair/heal our relationship with food. By stepping away from nutrition/caloric information, we would be able to place a greater focus on enjoying the food and hence creating a much more satisfactory experience.


Letting go of nutrition information can be challenging, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to building a healthier relationship with food and making decisions that make you feel good internally!

As someone somewhere said, Food has to satisfy not just cravings of stomach but SOUL as well!

We assure you, Skillet Cookies will Fill your stomach & Satisfy your Soul!!🍪


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